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This joint production by KDHX and Bread and Roses is a radio play based upon the classic book Mrs. Palmer's Honey by Fannie Cook. Bread and Roses Missouri amplifies and elevates the stories of working people through art, performance and activism. They believe that... "cultural and creative expression are a means to effect deep and lasting social change."

A new episode of this exciting and educational podcast/radio play will be released each week for 8 weeks starting Monday, Feb 20th 2023. 

It is well known that, During World War Two, American women entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers as widespread male enlistment left gaping holes in the industrial labor force.

However, what is little known is the home front struggles that African American women and men undertook to gain the right to those defense jobs. This is a struggle that sparked what would become the contemporary American civil rights movement of the 20th century.

In St. Louis Missouri, circa 1943, 23 year old house maid Honey Hoop is drawn into such a struggle despite her determination to avoid trouble….



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